May 6, 2017
11 months and 14 days since
the event.

Welcome to the online donations center for the 2017 ASP Bike Hike & Fun Run for the Covenant United Methodist Church Appalachia Service Project team.

Our volunteers are once again jumping on our trusty two-wheelers for a forty-mile bike ride, or we're lacing up our sneaks for 10k run - all to raise money for our mission trip to Appalachia.  This year, we're going to get rolling on Saturday, May 6th.

There are two things you can do to help:

  • One, join us for the ride or the run!
    All are welcome to take the challenge with us.
    You can do it!
  • Two, sponsor an ASP volunteer.
    Please support an ASP cyclist or runner with your donation.

Thank you.